All About Fonts -- Make Your Landing Pages Unique

All About Fonts -- Make Your Landing Pages Unique

Hi, I'm Jeff Winberg and I’d like to welcome you to ALeadPage. In this short video, I'm going to show you how to get started using ALeadPage. The first thing you'll need to do is take the login in information that we sent you an email and enter it here at a login. The first thing that you're going to see is this page. You will only see this the first time that you actually log in. There are two things you need to do on this page. You'll need to pick an account name and know that this cannot be changed, so you want to put some thought into what account name you'd like to have. Next please read through the terms of service. When you're done, check the box that says you’ve read and agree to the terms of services and click Create Account. Now we’re inside ALeadPage. To get your account set, click on the My Account Tab and then select My Account. Here’s all of your account information here and where you can change your password. Integrations is where you select which email marketing services and webinar services you'll need to integrate with. We've made this very easy to do; you just select what service you'd like to add, and please note that you can add multiple services here. I'm going to integrate with GetResponse so I just need to get my API code, paste it in this box and click Connect to GetResponse. You will just need to do this for whatever services you'd like to integrate with and once it’s integrated, you'll see a check mark with a name of the service like this checkmark by GetResponse. You'll then be able to collect email addresses in your integrations from any lead page. Depending on what

service you use, the setup may very a little but everything is pretty clearly spelled out on the page. If you do have questions about this or anything else we cover in this video, please do contact our fantastic support team. They are more than happy to help you out with anything that may come up. In addition, if you have any email marketing service provider that isn’t listed here, please get in touch with our support and we can help you out with that as well. Finally down here, we have GoToWebinar. If you're going to use any of our registration pages inside of ALeadPage, you'll want to connect with GoToWebinar so all of that will be setup as well. Just enter the email address you use with GoToWebinar and your password and click Continue and it will be connected. Under My Images is where you'll upload an images you'd like to use in your ALeadPage. You can also upload them from the templates themselves. However, this is where they’ll actually be stored if you need to change or remove any of them. Once you’ve uploaded them, they’ll appear in a gallery here but since this is a new account, they aren’t currently any here. Now that we have this setup, I'm going to show you how to create your first LeadPage. Click on the Templates tab to see all the pages that are available for you to customize. You can scroll through them all or look through them by category or finally you can sort them by their opt in rates. This option allows you to see what pages are converting at the highest rates for our users and gives you a certain amount of confidence in choosing which page to use. For this example, I'm just going to select the basic standard squeeze page to show you. Click Use this Template and it brings you to the Edit window. To customize any text, simply click on it. Add the text you'd like and click OK. In addition, you can also click the different sections here on the left hand side to change things. Under Opt In Form Integration, this is where you would select which email service provider you'd like to use to capture email addresses. You just select the integration and then the campaigns you created in your email service provider are populated here and you select which campaign you’d like to add people to. If you don’t see a campaign on a desired campaign list, click the reload campaigns button to have ALeadPage refresh the list. Forget [00:03:35] you need to enter in a thank you page URL. If you'd like to capture people’s first names, you can also turn that on here by clicking Yes and you'll see the name field is added on the right. By default, it’s off as we find conversions to be higher that way. Please note that at the time of this video, we’re adding the option for you to be able to add other fields to capture things such as phone numbers, zip codes, addresses as well as many other options. This feature will be available the next few weeks probably by the time we’re watching this video. Once you have this section set up, you just click OK. You can add page title, description and keywords for SEO purposes here and when you're done just click OK. Tracking code goes here. ALeadPage does have built in analytics to find out how your pages are performing but it also integrates with services like Google Analytics as well. Depending on which analytics service you're using, the service will tell you if the code need to go in the head part of the page or the body part for it to work properly and you can enter that here in either of this boxes. Click OK when you're done and you can see the areas I've edited already have turned green indicating that I've changed something. That makes it easy to tell if I've edited certain things at a glance. In the Style settings, this is where you can change the color and font used on the page. If for instance you want to change the headline color here to a different color, you just use the slider. If you wanted to use a different font, select one from the drop down here and when you're done customizing, again click OK. If you'd like to use a different background image, you click on Background and you can select an image you’ve already uploaded or upload a new one here. We always tell you what the recommend image size is and we strongly suggest you stick with that. You can continue through this page and just click a button to change anything. For instance, if you want to change the privacy policy text or the privacy image or the legal information, you can just go into that section and change it. If at any point during the customization you'd like to save what you’ve done, just entering a name that you’d like for the page, then click on Save and your page will be saved. When you're done customizing, click on the Publish button and you'll be given a few publishing options. First, you can use the URL that’s hosted on our server. If you'd like to see the live page, this button will take you to the live page. You can start sending people to it now and start collecting email addresses on this page. The next option is to publish this page on a Wordpress site. You click here and you'll see that you need to download the ALeadPage Wordpress connector plugin. You'll only need to do this once for each Wordpress site you want to use ALeadPage on. You'll download it and install the plugin on your own Wordpress site and then when you create a page in your ALeadPage account like we just did in this example, you'll see every page you’ve created and ALeadPage in that Wordpress plugin and you can then publish it right from there. Next, you can publish this page to Facebook as a Facebook tab in as little as four clicks. You can also download the page and publish it on your own server if you'd like to. Finally, there's an advance and not recommended option. You can download this page as an unsupported and non-hosted HTML file. If you need to see a list of pages you’ve already created such as this one, you click on the My Pages tab and you'll see every page you’ve created so far. From the drop down you can edit the page, duplicate the page, activate the LeadPage redirect – a note on this option, the redirect will only work with the ALeadPage URL – renaming the page, regenerate the page or delete the page. If you ever need to use any of those features, this is where you'll find them. We’re adding new templates on a consistent basis so please check back periodically because new templates are coming out all the time in the Templates section. If you want or need a certain type of template that isn’t already available inside ALeadPage, at the bottom of the Templates section is a link to submit a Template request to our support team. We look at those daily and we’d love to hear from you if there's something specific that you're looking for. Once you’ve mastered the features that we’re covered in this video and you're ready to move to additional features, we have plenty of them for you to utilize when you're customizing your ALeadPage. There are features such as digital asset delivery, which is a very powerful tool that we recommend you look into as soon as you get the basics of ALeadPage down. There's also things like global settings, bookmarklets and redirects for both regular traffic and mobile traffic, and these are just a few features and there are many more to explore. To access information on how to use any features of ALeadPage, visit our knowledgebase at then click on Knowledgebase. Type in what you're searching for; in this case I’ll just search for digital asset delivery. Then you'll find an explanation of how to use the feature. We’d love to hear from you if you have any questions at all. We have a fantastic support team that truly loves helping our customers, so please do contact support if you have any questions, problems or issues. Thanks for watching.

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